Saturday, March 26, 2011

In Honour of Earth Day

So today is Earth day and around the world from 8-9PM people are being asked to turn off lights and appliances! In loads of major cities landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and Government buildings here in Ireland are going under the cover of darkness as their lights are all switched off for the hour. 

In honour of this I thought I would post up some research about how important nature is to our psychological well being and how important it is to preserve our natural environment :D. 

It's been shown that people in  a community feel safer and more connected to other community members when there are trees and green-space in their surroundings. children will automatically go for green space over concrete playgrounds where availible; even if it's just an empty field; we humans appear to be naturally drawn to nature, a need which is forced out of us in cities.

Numerous studies have found that nature can improve our physical and mental health, including one reporting that depression levels in people living in apartments were lower in those that looked over a window box with flowers in it. Nature and Health found that mental and physical health were positively impacted by the natural environment!!!

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